The concept that ideas can be refined has been a foundational inspiration for our brand, informing our design choices and our relationship with our clients over the years. We revisit the Kintsukuroi, as inspiration for our new collection because the Japanese concept of revisiting and improving on an idea or project holds even more sentimental value to us as a brand.

2023 has been a pivotal year for us and our founder with many personal triumphs and irreplaceable losses. It is our 10th year in business, a milestone for any company, but even more for a fashion brand operating in a market as unpredictable as Nigeria. We released our first collection, “Envy” in 2013, with the support of our co-founder L.B. Belo and his inimitable style and his influence on Titi Belo over the years. His passing in 2023 marks a new phase and has prompted us to not only revisit old ideas but also honour the many inspirations that have helped shape our design ethos while they are still here with us.

Kintsukuroi II revisits many of the classic designs that have become symbolic of the Titi Belo brand, but it also incorporates new ideas. Our now distinctive Kintsukuroi floral design is interpreted in an array of custom fabrics including Brocade, Silk Chiffon, mesh & Spandex. We also work with Aso-Oke this season, woven by local artisans into Orange and Silver Grey with gold strings, as a structural complement to our custom prints.

We drew inspiration from #JaiyeTT, commemorating the wedding of our founder, for three new silhouettes. We also reference our 2013 ‘Envy’ collection in the BimRaj Dress 3.0 and the lace motifs from our 2014 collection, this is significant because it was our debut at fashion week. Geometry, texture and asymmetry are major design influences in the new collection and we work them into plisse sets, handkerchief skirts and shirts. The Rhozubic Set and DMako Dress are also standouts in the new collection. Also in honour of L.B. Belo’s love for Safari suits, and his distinctive Asian features, we created the Safari Mini Dress and our interpretation of the much beloved Cheongsam in the Asymmetrical Maxi Dress.

Lovers of the brand will be delighted to see new iterations of our Peacock design now in a flattering maxi silhouette, our Nadine Top and Tolani Skirt now reimagined as a gorgeous dress, our best selling Kimono Fitted dress and our new foray into bridal wear.

There is much to celebrate this season and many to honour, and Kintsukuroi II allows us to do both and bring the Titi Belo woman along with us on this journey.